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Multimillion dollar plans to bring rafting, expo center to OKC approved

OKLAHOMA CITY – Building Oklahoma City into a tourist destination is the goal of two multimillion dollar projects that got the green light this week.

On Tuesday, city leaders approved final plans for two MAPS 3 projects, including a whitewater rafting area along the Oklahoma River and a new expo center at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds.

The new expo center won’t be cheap.

It’ll cost $44 million and will replace the Travel and Transportation building.

At nearly 300,000 square feet, the expo center will be four times larger than any other building on the fairgrounds and should keep larger trade shows from bypassing Oklahoma.

“It allows us to have a large area where one show can be under one roof,” said Tim O’Toole, with the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds.

Getting more families to enjoy the Oklahoma River is the driving force behind a new whitewater complex in the Boathouse District.

“I think…

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Missouri AG: Markets drove propane price increase

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster says market forces rather than manipulation drove this winter’s spike in propane prices.

Koster reported Tuesday on results of an investigation requested by lawmakers after consumers reported prices rising from less than $2 a gallon in December to more than $5 in January.

The report blames low supplies on a combination of factors, including record propane exports and high demand for propane to heat homes during an unusually cold and early winter. It also cites heavy use of propane to dry a record corn crop that was harvested later than normal.

Koster’s office says it reviewed about 250 customer complaints about propane prices and interviewed 80 consumers. The office has been involved in mediating 75 cases and has recovered more than $3,000 for consumers.

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Canon Launches Dropbox photographers: Irista

Tech News Blog


Since many companies are coming to take a cloud platform, perhaps too many. The latest addition is Canon, the brand of cameras. His intention is to make Irista , which they call the storage service, the center to save, share and manage photo collections point. platform allow you to edit the EXIF Fortunately there is an exclusive service for users of the Japanese as use may be made ​​regardless of the device where the photos have been made, either camera or smartphone. A definite plus since not all have a Canon. May also tag the pictures according to user preferences and filter them according to these criteria and can create albums. Also you can sync with Flicrk and Facebook.

Although one could say that the most important feature and want to stand out more from Canon called Memento . A new way to view your images for photographers who store…

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Obama’s Popularity Drops In U.S. As It Increases In The Arab World

Political American

Personal Liberty

A new CNN poll out Tuesday demonstrates a continuing decline in President Barack Obama’s policy approval rating across nearly all American demographic categories.

Obama’s general disapproval rating debuted at 23 percent in February of 2009, but shot to 50 percent for the first time in December of that year, outpacing his approval rating (48 percent) for the first time. After reaching a historic high of 56 percent (compared with an approval rating of 41 percent) for consecutive months late last year, Obama’s disapproval rating now sits stagnantly at 55 percent (compared with his current 43 percent approval rating).

As Breitbart observed Wednesday, it’s not just that Obama’s approval rating stinks – it’s that key demographics coveted by progressives have turned on him:

On no single issue does a majority of Americans approve of Obama?s position. On many important issues, e.g. health care, immigration and foreign policy, his approval…

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Police: 1 Man Killed, 1 In Custody After Dispute Over Money Turns Deadly

CBS Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) – A 57-year old man is dead after a dispute with a neighbor over a small amount of cash Wednesday in Eastpointe.

The fatal shooting happened in between two homes on Lincoln. Police say a verbal fight escalated when a 47-year old man opened fire on the victim.

“You don’t know whether to duck for cover or whatever but I knew the man was shot because as soon as I heard it – the female that was over there – she started saying, ‘no, no, no,'” said neighbor Mikale Compos.
“It was so quick, argument then gun shot.”

Compos says the victim, a retired man in his 60’s, was helping to raise three grandchildren, and was being verbally threatened by a man living next door.

Police report the fight was over a small amount of money.

“What I was hearing was, “‘you are going to pay me the…

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NSA blowback: Top 8 political scandals sparked by Snowden leaks


The Snowden revelations hit like a bomb, sending out shrapnel which risked severing US ties with friendly and not-so-friendly states alike. Here are the top eight bilateral debacles sparked by NSA spying, whose fallout could be felt for years to come.One is an economically prosperous island paradise which doesn’t even have a military, the other a landlocked and war-torn nation racked by poverty and an extreme climate. So what could they have in common? Both countries have almost all of their domestic and international calls recorded and stored by the National Security Agency (NSA) for up to 30 days. Rumblings in the Bahamas have been muted, as a nation with roughly the population of St Louis can’t make too many waves with its northern neighbors. The Bahamian minister of national security said he does intend to launch an inquiry into the NSA’s surveillance, though behind the scenes arm-twisting might keep…

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Mine accident in southwest China kills 22 people: Xinhua


Twenty two workers were killed in a coal mine accident in southwestern China, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Wednesday, the latest mining disaster to highlight poor safety standards in the world’s biggest coal producing country.The accident, which occurred on Tuesday evening at the Yanshitai Coal Mine in Chongqing municipality’s Wansheng District, was caused by a “gas incident”, Xinhua quoted regional authorities as saying.A total of 28 miners were working at the time of the accident. Two miners were also injured, the report said.Officials at state-owned Nantong Mining Co Ltd, which owns the mine, were not immediately available for comment.China’s mines are the deadliest in the world because of lax enforcement of safety standards and a rush to feed demand from a robust economy. Two workers were killed in a coal mine accident in the northern province of Shanxi in January.

For full report read ….

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Widespread flooding continues in northern Colorado

Channel 2 News

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GREELEY, Colo. — Portions of southeast Greeley remain under water Tuesday night and Greeley’s Emergency Manager believes the flooding isn’t over yet. That concerns many like Erica Nevarez and her family who are trying everything to keep the high water away from their home.

So far they have installed four pumps to get the water out of their back yard and horse stalls, funneling it into a nearby ditch.

They also had to evacuate all of their animals.

“We had to take all of our horses we put them up here down the street,” said Erica Nevarez.

Building a giant dirt barrier around her property wasn’t enough, so she started making sandbags.

“More than a hundred that’s for sure,” Nevarez said.

And so far their efforts seem to be working because at one point the water was several feet deep.

With two kids and a neice and…

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