The ‘HTC One Wear’ Running Android Wear could be Out by End of Summer



The smartwatch market is going to be no doubt booming this year. Smartwatches have already grabbed the attention of consumers with various different style watches already out there for you to buy, but now we have Android Wear; the new Android-based smartwatch OS, that Google announced not too long ago. Shortly after the announcement, LG and Motorola announced their watches, the LG G-Watch and the Moto 360. Both running versions of Android Wear, but then we wondered about other OEMs utilizing the Android Wear software. OEMs such as HTC.

HTC briefly chimed in about wearable technology back at the end of 2013, and they indicated that they themselves would be diving into the smartwatch game. Now it seems that a new report coming out of TK Tech News, that claims HTC could have their new smartwatch, dubbed the ?HTC One Wear?, out by late Summer. Apparently it will be…

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