NEWS: Urban Fantasy Nerds! Mercy Thompson & Harry Dresden Are Going Graphic! (@Mercys_Garage, @LongShotAuthor)


Someone was feeling incredibly ambitious today! Dynamite dropped four press releases today for the urban fantasy nerd in me, but only two of them really rocked my world.  First on the docket, a brand new, all original Mercy Thompson graphic novel from the brilliant UF mastermind Patricia Briggs!  Second on the docket is two, YES, TWO, new graphic novels from the Harry Dresden world by Jim Butcher!  Although it’s not the first time either series has gone graphic, it’s always fun to learn there’s more on the way.  Also in the mix with these bits of news is Brandon Sanderson and Dean Koontz.  Sanderson’s will be a brand new project called White Sand.  For Koontz, their announcement was actually a deal expansion.  To add to your Koontz collection, you will soon have the graphic novels for Frankenstein, Christopher Snow, and Nevermore.  More details when you keep reading!  I am…

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